How to stop feeling tired all the time | 10 Ways to 10x More Energy

how to have more energy


Are you always tired? Are you constantly looking forward to going to sleep? Can you nap on command?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you NEED this post. 


Because In this post, I am going to share 10 ways to have 10x more energy and exactly How to stop feeling tired all the time.


Lets Get Started.


So many people go through their days feeling tired, sluggish, just patiently waiting to go to sleep.


Even though this may be your reality, it doesn’t need to be.


By the end of this post, you will know exactly how to stop feeling tired all the time. 


On a scale of 1-10, in terms of your level of energy, where are you right now? Be honest. Where are you right now? Have a number? Put it in the comments below. I want to know!! 


Regardless of what your number currently is, that can always be changed. With the 10 strategies we cover in this video, you will be able to instantly change your number from whatever it currently is to a 10. 


Okay lets do it!


Step #1 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is Don’t over sleep

Contrary to popular belief, more sleep does NOT always mean more rested. If you sleep for 9-10 hours, significantly more than your body needs to repair, it can actually result in you feeling even more tired.


It’s important to get the right amount of sleep. Some people say 8, some say 6, some say you need 2 sleep sessions of 4 hours each, which is kinda strange, I don’t see myself doing that.


You have to figure out the optimal number for your body. For me it’s around 7 1/2 to 8 hours. Any more than that, I feel groggy and exhausted. Any less than that, I feel it.


This may take some trial and error. Try a few nights at 9, then 8, then 7, and so on until you find your ideal sleep number.


#2 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is Workout 

Plain and simple, if we are talking about having more energy, we can’t not talk about working out.


Brendon Burchard says ‘a power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates energy’


The #1 thing in my opinion to GENERATE energy out of thin air is to workout.


Some days I feel so tired, unmotivated, but as soon as I go on a run, as soon as I get a workout in, my energy & mindset drastically change.


Even if it’s just for a walk, MOVE YOUR BODY. It is THE key to more energy.


#3 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Avoid the desire for the sugar spike

I know it’s tempting to reach for that cookie. I understand that the ice cream is whispering sweet nothings from the freezer. I get it. I hear it too.


But sugary foods, even though they can give us a quick spike in energy, lead to a crash that has us feeling exhausted. 


Similar to that kid that has 3 packs of skittles and says he’s going to be fine, before you know it, he is passed out on the way home from the family party.


Don’t be that kid. We’re going to build on this later in the post. 


#4 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Stay consistent with your wake up/ bed time

Track your sleep. Start a sleep journal if you have to. Whatever you have to do.


Staying consistent with your sleep schedule will brain your body to know what time you typically go to bed, and when you typically go to sleep.


This makes your body so much more efficient at falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up. You get more rest and will start to wake up feeling 10x more energized.


#5 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Drink water

Most of us are walking around dehydrated. Having a constant flow of water will keep your body and mind sharp and energized.


You should be drinking around half your body weight in ounces. Even more if you workout often because you lose some of that through sweat.


I weigh around 170lbs so I have around 90-100 ounces of water a day because I start my day with an intense hour and a half workout that makes me sweat quite a bit.


Drink water. Right now. Do it. Like right now. Go. Cheers.


#6 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is Don’t have caffeine past 2pm

If you have caffeine, make to have it before 2pm-3pm. If you have it too late in the day, it can affect your ability to fall asleep.


I recommend having it right after lunch, around 12pm so that when you have the caffeine dip once it has worn off, you are already getting ready to go to bed. 



#7 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is Don’t eat right before bed

When you eat a heavy meal right before bed, you body is working in overdrive to try and digest it. This has your body doing a lot of work when it is trying to slow down and go to sleep.


Having great energy starts by having great sleep. To have great sleep, do your best to have your final meal at least 2 hours before going to sleep.


This will make sure the food is fully digested and your body is ready to slow down for the night. 


This includes that 10pm Pizza. I know your secrets. 


#8 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Have carbs at night

Save the pasta, the potatoes, the chips, or even the cake for night time.


If you have carbs & sugary foods during the day, it will give you a short term boost but ultimately drain your energy.


This is that Sugar crash we talked about earlier. It’s about timing that sugar crash more effectively. 


#9 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Boost your fat intake 


Fat doesn’t make you fat. It gives you energy. Healthy fats have been shown to boost brain function and improve your energy in amazing ways.


This is because when you have higher fat, your body starts to produce Ketones, a source of energy that uses fat for fuel.


So load up on avocado, nuts, eggs, healthy oils, and other fat packed foods. 



#10 for how to stop feeling tired all the time is to Surround yourself with energetic freaks


If you surround yourself with lazy people that are always tired, you are going to always be tired.


If you surround yourself with people that have no energy, you are going to have no energy.


Yes there are some exceptions but for the most part, you mirror the people you surround yourself with.


We are social beings and people like people that are like them. So if you are hanging with people that are constantly tired and low energy.


It’s not going to be long until you start experiencing that as well.


Which is why you need to surround yourself with energetic FREAKS. People that seem like they don’t have an off switch. People that have amazing levels of energy.


If you do, you will find your energy level going through the roof because we unconsciously mirror the people we surround ourselves with.


So if you want to raise your level of energy, surround yourself with people that bring the energy. Surround yourself with people that do any of the things we’ve talked about in this video.


That is one of the keys to living a life FULL of energy.


Do one of these, you’ll notice a small difference. Do a few together, you’ll feel way better. Do all 10, and they will transform the way you live your life & your level of energy.


Until next time, keep creating an epic life.