How to Stop Overthinking Everything | 3 Strategies that work INSTANTLY

how to stop overthinking with the power of journaling


Do you spend hours upon hours overthinking all of the possibilities that can go wrong? Does your mind send you into a spiral towards the risks, dangers, fears, & potential failures of anything/ everything you do?


At times, it can feel like everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I thought that constantly, my mind would always go to all of the worst possible scenario and it would keep me from doing all of the things I wanted to do.


Until I learned the 3 strategies we’re going to talk about in this post, I lived in a state of overthinking everything.


In this post, I’m going to share with you 3 ways to stop overthinking and clear your mind instantly.


By the end of this post, you will know exactly WHY you overthink everything in the first place and how to stop, clear your mind, and think about things in a more productive & calming way. 


So without further a due, let’s get into it. 


These 3 strategies have helped my overly active mind to calm down and to stop overthinking EVERYTHING. It has helped me take back my time and focus on things that matter instead of wasting time on overthinking everything. 


Strategy #1 to stop overthinking is to Think BIG

Focus on the big picture. Be a visionary. Often times overthinking is due to thinking of all of the little details that can go wrong. Focusing on all of the specifics of a situation. 


This can make us feel overwhelmed and gets us to think of that situation even more. Thus, overthinking everything.


Look at the situations in your life where you are overthinking from a macro perspective, from a big picture approach. Look at the end goal and get excited about that end result.


Whether it’s acing an exam, getting a promotion, or finding your dream career, focus on the big picture and all of the things you need to do along the way will come much easier.


Thinking big will help you worry less about all of the little details. 


Strategy #2 to stop overthinking is to be PRESENT

So often, we find ourselves spending all of our time thinking of all the things that already went wrong in the past, or all of the things that could go wrong in the future.


I’m guilty of this too. I am constantly looking to the future and it often leads me to overthinking everything in my life.


The solution? Presence.


When you’re present, your mind literally does not have the ability to overthink everything. That’s because when you’re fully present, your mind can only focusing on the present moment. It can only focus on what is here and now.


And I know what you’re thinking: ‘But Juan, how do you just ‘be present? My mind is ALWAYS ON’ 


The Answer: Activity. Pick something and solely focus on that thing.


Pick up a book, pick up a new hobby, study something you’re passionate about, watch a movie, hang with friends. 


Do something that you can give your full energy & presence to.


This will train your brain to become fully present, a whole lot easier. 


Strategy #3 to stop overthinking is Act FAST

A key to stop overthinking is to Act FAST. So many people freeze when it comes to taking action and they overthink 300 different possible scenarios that more often than not, will never happen.


This makes us feel even more afraid, uncertain, nervous about a situation that really could have been solved by one thing— ACTION.


If you ever feel yourself starting to overthink a sitaution, ask yourself: What is ONE action I can take that will move me closer to a result?


If you take that one action, if you take that one step, what you’re doing is not giving your brain time to overthink everything. It literally gets you out of your head and into moving towards an outcome.


So think about, in your life, what is something you are currently overthinking? Now, I want you to, in this moment, think about & decide on the 1 action you are going to take.


  • If you’re overthinking a career choice, decide to research 1 hour a day.
  • If you’re overthinking a relationships, have an open conversation with that person.
  • If you’re overthinking how to study, throw on some music and get to work
  • If you’re overthinking going to the gym, put on your shoes and get moving.


These are 3 strategies that have really saved my life. Why? Because I would constantly overthinking myself, my life, and it led me to feeling depressed, even suicidal at times.


I felt like there was no way out of thinking about every single thing and it led me to always being in my head.


These 3 strategies got me out of my head and into moving forward, moving towards a life I was/ am really excited about and I know they will do the same for you. 


Until next time, keep creating an epic life.


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