Productivity Hack | The Mindset that will change your life

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This may sound a little harsh, but it’s you. You’re the problem. You are your own biggest enemy


In this post, you’re going to learn the Productivity Hack that changed my life and I am sure that it will change yours too.


Lets Get Started.


Okay you’re not the problem. No not you as a person, I’m talking about your mind. 


Your mind is the one responsible for every thought, feeling, emotion you experience in life and way too often does it make you feel bad.


That stops here.


By the end of this post, you will know the exact Productivity Hack to change your mindset to one that allows you to get more done & live a productive life every single day.


So without further a due, let’s get into it. 


Let me know if this has ever happened to you. You are about to start a new project, you are about to dive into a study routine, it’s the beginning of the year and you decide you’re going to finally get into the gym.


As you’re feeling motivated, inspired, energized and every positive feeling imaginable. 


You hear the voice. The voice that tells you you cant. The voice that tells you that isn’t for you. The voice that whispers that you aren’t good enough, that you’ll be judged, that you’ll fail.


This voice is there for everyone. Every single person has experienced this voice in some small way.


The one that doubts your ability. The one that doubts your potential. The one that sadly, for a lot of people, is in control most of the time.


What I’ve found is that the most successful people are the ones who are able to quite that voice enough to still move forward.


The ones who are able to get back in control of their mind and put that little voice in the back seat of the car, strapped to a baby seat, facing the other way. Too much?


Regardless of how often this voice shows up for you, there is one mindset that is able to put you back in charge.


One mindset that will put that voice in it’s place and have you back making the decisions in your life.


One mindset that will hear the voice, consciously chose to turn down the volume and keep you moving forward.


This is my #1 Productivity Hack. This is how you tap into Super Charged Productivity so make sure you stick around until the end to get the whole picture.


To be able to get a handle on the voice, we have to first understand where it comes from. We have to understand why it shows up in the first place so that we can get to the root of the problem.


That voice comes from Fear.


It comes from being afraid of you getting hurt. It is first and foremost to keep you safe.


Keep you safe from failure, keep you safe from rejection, keep you safe from the dangers of life.


The real problem? Our brains are a survival mechanism. They are hard wired to keep us safe. They are made to protect us.


This is because 100’s of years ago, we needed to survive in nature. 


And since there is no sober tooth tigers roaming the streets of where you live. Our brains look for stress, they look for danger in any form and it keeps us from doing things that may seem to scary or that could result in failure.


It looks for that program or job that you’re nervous about applying for, that habit you want to work on, that business that you want to start, that goal that you set that is going to push you. 


So how do we get rid of that voice?


That’s the thing. We don’t. That voice will always be there in some capacity but we can do our part to focus on a different mindset. A mindset that will quite that voice and put us back in charge.


That mindset is anticipate the worst, plan for the best.


Let me explain. 


The mindset that will overcome that voice is to anticipate the failure, anticipate the rejection, anticipate the fear. But still plan for the best possible outcome. Still get excited about the best case scenario. 


It is important to Think about all of the possible scenarios that can go wrong and decide how(if they happen), which they will, are going to handle them.


How are you going to handle the stress of a deadline?

How are you going to handle getting a paper back and seeing a failure?

How are you going to handle setting a new habit and breaking it on day 3?

How are you going to handle sleeping past your alarm on a morning where you wanted to get a lot of things done?

How are you going to handle getting fired or not getting your dream job?


When we anticipate for the worst, it gives us the ability to prepare and better handle the situation.


When we anticipate the worst, we aren’t surprised when it does happen (which it will) and we will be more equipped to handle it in a more effective way.


When we actually think of ‘what’s the worst thing that can happen’ it becomes less scary.


So many people refuse to focus on the bad things that can happen so when the bad things DO happen, they are taken by surprise and it throws them off.


It completely side tracks their plans & their productivity. 


And now listen, if you were to ask any of the people in my life, they would tell you I am an eternal optimist, which is true.


I am always looking on the bright side of everything, sometimes to a fault. And I think having a positive mindset is essential. I’ll be making an entire video dedicated to positive mindset so stay tuned.


This isn’t about only focusing on the bad. This is being prepared for every possible outcome while still staying optimistic. 


It’s about anticipating the worst, and planning for the best.


This Productivity Hack, this mindset will change the game when it comes to weathering the storms of life. It is essential for those days where you just don’t feel like it. Where it feels like everything is just going wrong.


This mindset will put you back on track in being in charge of your own mind. 


What it is doing is essentially laying out all of the possibilities. It is defining EVERYTHING that could happen. The good, the bad, the unexpected, the surprising, the amazing, & the awful.


When you have all of those possible realities, you become so much better at handling all of the curve balls life will throw at you.


It is gearing you up with the necessary fire power to whether the storms of life.


Whether you are in a great place right now or you are currently going though a storm.


This mindset can and will change the way you handle the ever changing world we live in. It will help you move forward whenever their is a sudden ‘change of plans’


This Productivity Hack, this mindset has changed my life in more ways than I can even count and my hope is that is does the same for you.


Anticipate the storm, but plan for a sunny day. That was lame. I am well aware. Give me your best ‘weather the storm’ analogy in the comments below.


Also, please share this post. Because odds are, someone in your life needs to hear this message.


Until next time, keep creating an epic life.